TechDays Data Platform Track Resources

Session 1 - Take Control of the Enterprise:
Effective Solutions for Governing your Environment with Policy-Based Management


Enterprise  Policy Management  Framework

Policy Based Management Blog

Lara Rubbelke’s Blog

David E. Myers’ Blog:

To learn more about the PowerShell scripting Language



Session 2 - Reducing Storage Cost in SQL Server 2008



Session 3 - Beyond Relational SQL Server 2008: Managing unstructured and semistructured Data



Session 4 - Microsoft SQL Server  Essential Database Maintenance

8 Steps to Better Transaction Log Throughput


Blog Post on How to Tell if the IO Subsystem is Causing Corruption -

CHECKDB Blog Post Series -,category,CHECKDB%2BFrom%2BEvery%2BAngle.aspx


Session 5 - Protecting Your Data - Security from the Application to the Database

Microsoft Source Code Analyzer for SQL injection July CTP -

SQL Server Security Blog -

SQL injection (BOL) -

Preventing SQL injection in ASP -

Giving SQL injection the respect it deserves -

Raul Garcia’s blog -

BOL - Security Considerations for Databases and Database Applications -


Session 6 - Reporting Services Integration with SharePoint

Reza Alirezaei’s Blog -


Session 7 - Applying Workload Resource Governance on SQL 2008

Windows Server Resource Manager



Soft-NUMA at Slava Oks’s Weblog at


SQL 2008 Resource Governor

Books Online




Session 8 - Performance Monitoring and Tuning in SQL Server 2008

SQL Server Manageability Team Blog   (Bill Ramos)
Bill Ramos’ Webcast
Jason Massie's Blog
Rob's SQL Server Blog
Paul Randal on Extended Events (SQL Server magazine, Jan 2009)
Kevin Kline (Refers to Jonathan Kehayias’ excellent Extended Events tool)

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