MITPro meeting tonight. A shift in UG event format

WebSized headshot Hello folks,

I am currently sitting in the train on my way to Montréal where tonight I will participate in a User Group meeting for MITPro (Montreal IT Professionals Community).

For this user group it marks a new way of conducting their meeting, a new meeting format.

  • 1 topic
  • 3-5 panelists.
  • an open floor
  • no holds barred!

Each member of the panel comes with a unique point of view on the topic. Each panel member presents  a short 3-5 slide presentation on the challenges and advantages they gained by leveraging the technology of the topic. They explain how it
impacts their business, and how they justified it to their management.

this is different for MITPro.  In the past meeting have been more traditional.  One or more presenters doing their thing and a brief Q&A session at the end. Now, when the presentations are over the attendees will be able to ask questions directly to the panel, in fact the audience will become part of the panel, debate, challenge, and ask questions, explore scenarios….

I’m very pumped about it for a few reasons.

First, I am looking forward to participate in the new format for MITPro I really love interacting with IT pros and having lively discussions. I find the new format allows so much more flexibility and it also allows the attendees to feel more part of the discussion.

Also, MITPro will provide a LiveMeeting access to this event that will allow you to participate remotely for the first time ever. This will give members who can't make it out a chance to participate!  WOW we’re cooking with butter now….

Second, I am a firm believer that the topic for tonight has the potential to drastically change the way we work and the way we manage our environment. The first Panel event will focused on Windows Virtualization

the panel will consist of:

  • Myself, Pierre Roman (IT Pro Advisor for Microsoft Canada)
  • Bill Bacoyiannis (Senior Windows Analyst with a focus on Virtualization in large enterprise)
  • Mitch Garvis (Senior Consultant/Trainers: with a focus on Virtualization in small and medium enterprise

I’ll let you know how it goes. Better yet,  why don’t you join in!



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