Update – SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition from Heroes Happen Here Launch

Over the last couple of weeks I received a number of emails from individuals who attended the Heroes Happen Here (HHH) Launch events in the spring of 2008.  These emails all asked the same question:  I got my HHH kit and went online to request my copy of  SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition but have not received it yet nor heard from anyone on when it will be coming?  Can you help? 

I replied to each of those folks and went looking for an answer on what happened and when the software would be shipped.  During this process, I was forwarded this email from an individual who was also wondering what happened to his copy of SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition.  Since it answered the question people were asking, I thought it important to share with all of you.  Here is what was in the email:


Subject: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Order Update

Heroes Happen Here

Microsoft SQL Server 2008


Dear Hero,

Thanks again for attending the Heroes Happen Here launch event, and registering for your complimentary evaluation copy of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition software.

Unfortunately, the production and fulfillment of your complimentary software was delayed. However, production is now underway and your kit is scheduled to ship in approximately four to six weeks. (Please allow additional time for delivery.)

In the meantime, we have set up a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) site that provides additional information regarding the Heroes Happen Here - SQL Server 2008 voucher redemption campaign. This FAQ site may be accessed by visiting http://www.sqlserverheroes.com/faq/.

We thank you for your understanding.

Microsoft SQL Server Team



So, for those of you who registered to receive and are still waiting for your copy of SQL Server 2008, sit tight - we're getting there.  My apologies for the time it has taken to get this to you.


Comments (3)

  1. Edward Letendre says:

    I was just wondering what has happened to the people that have not received any emails from microsoft in regards to this matter.  I had filled out the information at website as requested but I have not received any email about the delayed shipping, and nothing about my order being processed.  Is that unsual or did I do something wrong?


  2. Will Howard says:

    I received an email similar to the one above many weeks ago…We may not see any SQL kits until after the new year.

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