TechDays Montreal is a Wrap…..but SQLTeach is only a few weeks away

After a weekend recovering from TechDays Montreal, most of the teams gets a couple of weeks rest before the Ottawa stop of TechDays on November 27, and then on to Winnipeg and Calgary, and finally Vancouver in January.  If you have not yet registered for these events, they are filling up really fast so register sooner rather than later at

As many of you that attended TechDays know, I acted as host for the Data Platform track, considering my long-term passion for SQL Server and Microsoft's data platform.  At TechDays in Montreal, as well as in Toronto, many folks that attended the Data Platform track asked where they can continue their learning in areas we may not have covered at TechDays or more info on some of the things we did talk about such as Policy-Based Management, Reporting Services, Resource Governor and Security.  I'm glad that many of you asked as I have an answer for you - SQLTeach!

SQLTeach will be held Dec. 1-5  in conjunction with DevTeach in Montreal.  It will offer the elements of an intimate community event while bringing together SQL Server and .NET gurus from around the world for three days of networking and hands-on training.  One of the event’s organizers is Jean-René Roy, who is also a SQL Server MVP as well as a user group leader in Montreal.  His conference has all the standards of an international event but it’s done by developers and IT Pros for Developers and IT Pros.  Don’t be surprised if you have lunch with Scott Stauffer, Itzik Ben-Gan, Brad McGehee or many other renowned SQL or .NET speakers on site. That’s all part of the concept. The goal of this event is not only to provide continuing training but also to put you in a environment that favors the networking with renown speakers.

SQLteach has a great conference schedule so check it out at  If you attended TechDays you have a coupon code good for $350 off in your Techie Crunch box.  If you did not attend TechDays, you are can get a $100 discount by using the following promo code when you register - TO000METROTOUG.

On to TechDays in Ottawa on November 27, but first Christian Beauclair, Rick Claus, John Bristowe and I have the Winnipeg and Ottawa stops of the AlignIT Tour to take care of it.  More on that later....


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