TechDays Toronto is PACKIN’ Da House!


This place is packed. People are flowing in and out of sessions and breaks, things are running smoothly - it's been a great start to a wickedly cool conference!

Don't forget to keep your Registration tags for the entire event

DSC_5541  Mine is an all access.

 DSC_5542 My brothers is an attendee pass.

You will need to get scanned to ensure you have a seat in the session you registered for.


This is a quick shot in the Windows Development track session "Building Killer LOB Applications with WPF" - why am I showing a DEV session instead of an IT Pro session? it was the first room I walked into. 🙂

If you are scheduled to come out to TechDays in another city - make sure to arrive early and to get to your designated sessions in time to get a good seat. Despite the surprise SNOW FALL in Toronto this morning - a large percentage of people came early and avoided the traffic congestion.

While you are at the event - seek out and find yourself one of these kind individuals


They are here and would love to get a moment of your time so you can tell us how we're doing and give us some direct feedback on the event or virtually any other topic.

More Updates To Come!

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