TechDays Opening Event – R U Ready?


Pierre snapped this picture of me in the hotel bar - finishing off a "rolling deck" for the kick-off of TechDays Toronto in as little as 7 hrs from this post.

  • Our team is ready.
  • The speakers are ready.
  • The venue is ready.
  • Are you?

Things look awesome - I can't wait for it to start and see the first people roll in.

DSC_5560A two day event, crammed packed with 40 sessions of content and a wicked take away Learning Kit filled with resources and tools you can use to continue after the event is wrapped up on Thursday night. Breakfast is included - but don't try eating the contents of the box on the left - it's your Learning Kit...

I thought I'd snap a picture of it earlier tonight and managed to "borrow one" from the event staff - but they wouldn't let me open it to show you what's inside - it's for attendees only - you'll get yours tomorrow!


Have You Registered Yet? Bring your confirmation. Forgot it - they can look it up, provided you have ID. Haven't registered as of yet, but want to come on down on short notice - you can register and pay on site.

Once you are there - look around - socialize. You will be mixing with like minded IT Professionals and Developers who are seeking to further their skills development in similar areas to yours. Take this opportunity to build your professional network. In fact - to help identify your track preference, grab yourself a track coloured ribbon from the front of the room to help identify your passion to other IT Pros and Developers.

I have to hit the sack. Come on by and say hi if you see me around the halls - Look For The Hat! Stop me and have a chat - take a picture or speak your mind - I am really looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

Comments (2)

  1. Sean Kearney says:

    Ready? READY? READY??!?!?!?!?

    This is TWO nights I can’t get to sleep due to excitement.   I am cautiously guarding all my equipment from the kitty cats.  I am watching the hydro meter spin as I charge the laptops, cameras, cell and Zune.  I have turned the bedroom lights on my Wife three times until just now looking for my "Vista" Sprinboard shirt.

    Ready?  ARE YOU KIDDING?!??!

    I was ready before you even THOUGHT of the event!

    Bring it ON! YEAH!

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