TechDays Virtualization Track Infrastructure

Well as I look over at my TechDays Countdown gadget I am reading 4 days, 15 hours, 14 minutes and 12 seconds to go before the start of TechDays!  About time I got the hardware set up for the virtualization track don’t you think?  I’ve been working on getting this all set up and testing the demos and it looks like we are ready to go!  Dell again stepped up to provide us with some hardware and with the virtualization track we had some special hardware requirements.  For the virtualization track we have the following setup…

Domain: TechDays.lab

DC01: Dell M6300 notebook, Core2Duo 2.66 GHz CPU with 4GB of RAM.  This is acting as the DC as well as the SCVMM computer and is the computer that the speakers will use to control their demos.

HV01: Dell PowerEdge 805S, dual Quad Core Operton 1.7 GHz CPU with 32GB of RAM.  This is the server that is running Hyper-V and will be used in all Hyper-V related demos.

VS01: Dell PowerEdge 2950, dual Quad Core 2.4 GHz CPU with 12GB of RAM.  This is the server that is running Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 which hosts a few of the VMs for some sessions.

Client01: Dell M6300, Core2Du0 2.66 GHz with 4GB of RAM.  This is a client PC running Windows Vista SP1 x64 with Office 2007.  This is the PowerPoint machine.

SW01: Dell PowerConnect 2716 GBit Switch

All servers are running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition x64.



There is still time to register for TechDays and the early bird price has been extended right up to October 29th!  And be sure to get your seat reserved for the virtualization track sessions when registering.  You wouldn’t want to have to sit in a developer session would you 😛

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  1. Sean Kearney says:

    I crossed partially into the dark side.  I took at least one session on developing on WinMo 6 🙂

    I am the ANTI ITPro!


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