TechDays 2008 – Virtualization Track Speakers Selected!

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Wow!  I must say the biggest challenge I thought I was going to have was with finding speakers for the TechDays Virtualization track.  Well I still had a challenge with speakers it was selecting from the huge list of great speakers I had ask to participate!  Not a bad problem to have if you are in my position 🙂

So who do we have lined up?

Me, Rodney!  Yes I will be delivering a few sessions at TechDays in all cities across Canada, flame shoes and all.  I’ll be handling the Managing Physical and Virtual Machines with Virtual Machine Manager 2008 and the Transitioning to a Virtual Environment with Hyper-V sessions in all seven cities (my Aeroplan card is loving that!)

In Toronto I have Brian Bourne, the president of CMS Consulting, TASK and SecTor, delivering the Security In a Virtual World – How to Lockdown Your Virtual Environments session and Brad Bird (an MCT from Ottawa) will be handling that session in Montreal and Ottawa.  Also from CMS Consulting is Kath McBride, who will be delivering the two Application Virtualization sessions in Toronto.  My good friend Dan Nerenberg (also an MCT and an MVP) from will be taking care of the app-v sessions in Montreal.

I’ve also snagged Cameron McKay, who you’ve seen before on this blog, to deliver the Planning Your Physical to Virtual Migration with MAP Toolkit session in Toronto.  He is undergoing a rather large Hyper-V deployment and has a lot of real world experience to share.  Last but not least, Bill Durham, from Dell’s virtualization team, will be delivering the branch office virtualization sessions across Canada as well as the MAP session in a few cities including Montreal.

I’ve got speakers lined up for the rest of the cities as well and you’ll hear more about them later.

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  1. Larry Freeman says:


    You better start tracking down some more shoes they are going to wear out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rodney has a post over on the ITPRO Connection Blog about the great set of speakers he has lined up for

  3. Bob Robinson says:

    I know it’s new and likely to be discussed on Oct 29-30, but I’m having problems configuring the new H-V server on a 2 station WORKGROUP LAN.

    Installation on my x64 AMD box was super fast and so was the server config using the Blue Box interface (can’t really call it a GUI).

    Problem comes when I try to connect Hyper-V Manager MMC from Vista Ultimate SP1 to H-V server. I get RPC not authorized.

    Tried to follow John Howard’s BLOG but it assumes Core or full server install of H-V role. John’s detailed instructions are good but still hard to follow. I know it is in athorization and networking issue somewhere. I can connect from the MMC on Vista to the H-V server, that was provided by another BLOG:

    I can wait for the Tech Days if it would be easier to discuss at that time.

    Looking forward to 2Days of great education, see you in Toronto.


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