Wireless Security Training @ SecTor

SecTor2008_150x200(black) Well this should be fun.  I’ve often shared my opinion that in order to secure your network you need to know what you are securing it from and how attackers might gain entry.  Over the years I’ve tried my best to keep up with things but wireless security has been one area that I haven’t had a lot of focus on.  That’s gonna change on Monday as I attend some hands on wireless security training at SecTor.

Wireless networks are continually growing in our modern world and society, from private home networks to coffee shops. This 1 day course aims to demystify wireless network security and inform attendees on how to improve wireless LAN security and Bluetooth security through theory and practical examples on live wireless networks.

Attendees will first obtain detailed theoretical analysis of different wireless security schema's (i.e. Theory), thereafter have hands on experience in how the attacks are performed (i.e. Practical).

Attendees will also be issued with challenges in the form of wireless hacking

Dino Covotsos, who is delivering the training, is the Founder and Managing Director of Telspace Systems, a South African IT security firm which started business in 2002.  He has spoken around the world (including SecTor 2007) on wireless and Bluetooth security.  His session at SecTor last year got me to turn off Bluetooth on all my devices (since I don’t use it anyway) as I saw how easy it was to gain access to devices via Bluetooth and I know quite a few people who have had their eyes opened by the topics Dino covers.  There are still spots open in this session and the other training sessions so if you want to get in and get the skills you need to lock things down and ensure they are protected correctly, sign up today!

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  1. RenderMan says:

    Glad you got something from my crashing the party.

    I had not planned to attend that much, I just wanted to say Hi to Dino.


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