Couple’a Quick Q’s from TechDays post

John Oxley’s 2nd post on TechDays has raised a couple of questions in his personal email (yes, that email is his personal email). I thought it best if they came in the form of a quick Monday morning post – the week the registration site goes live.

Here they are..


1) “To that point we are committed to supporting you and your development/skills growth.....So, please take advantage of the early bird price as soon as you can.” Where is the url to register so I can take advantage of this price?

a. URL coming early next week......just putting the finishing touches on it this weekend. – Keep your eyes on the blog as it will go up there first

2) At HHH Toronto they had many screens so people at the back could see and hear.

a. We’re trying to make the rooms more intimate with enough screens and there won’t be a big keynote room like there was a HHH....I think the biggest room holds just about 450.... this is really about technical content

3) I need to wake up early and drive to Toronto so having energy drinks like Bawls guarana and full throttle would be great

a. I’m not sure about the energy drinks....yet I will look into it (NOTE: Rodney and Rick are known to have Energy Drinks. Track down the shoes or Hat)

4) A breakfast would also be great because I usually don’t have time if I need to rush to Toronto to be there on time

a. We will have a breakfast on both days, morning snacks and coffee at breaks,  lunch and afternoon snacks and coffee at breaks

Any more questions? you can keep them coming here in the comments section or use the email link. It drops into 4 mailboxes directly – not just John Oxley’s… Be sure to include your real email address if you wish a direct reply.

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Comments (2)

  1. Sean Kearney says:

    Hmmmmm so sneaking up on Rick and Rodney is allowed? 🙂

    Can we have some fun and switch Rick’s Tilley hat with Friday Funny Guy’s stovetop burnt Tilley hat?

    No?  Just a thought.  Cheers all!

    Techdays is one thing Canada has needed for a long time. I Can’t wait!


  2. Anonymous says:

    John Oxley has received a lot of email on Techdays and he responds to some of it here . “Hello Everyone! 

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