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With all the talk about TechDays going on recently there is another conference coming up shortly.  I attended SecTor 2007 and I`ll admit it was the best con I attended last year and that includes the internal Microsoft ones I was able to attend.  I was pretty happy when they asked me to participate as an advisor and have some input on the speakers.  And what a group of speakers confirmed to speak!

 New Keynote and Sessions Announced - click here for all the keynotes and sessions

> Keynote: "Baggage: What I took with me when I "left" Computer Security" - Stephen Toulouse
> Keynote: "No-Tech Hacking" - Johnny Long
> "Metasploit Prime" - H D Moore
> “Network Security Trends for 2009 (aka ‘not the NAC’)” Jennifer Jabbusch
> "Advanced Spear Phishing Attack Framework" - Joshua Perrymon
> "Owning the Users with The Middler" - Jay Beale
> "RFID Unplugged" - Eric Johanson
> "Double Trouble: SQL Rootkits and Encryption" - Kevvie Fowler
  ... view all the sessions here

There is also a day full of pre-conference training also taking place again being delivered by some of the top security professionals in the industry.

Look who is flying up to deliver exceptional training (before the conference):
> No-Tech Hacking with Johnny Long – GO
> Bluetooth and Wireless Hacking with Dino Covotsos – GO
> Cutting Edge Hacking Techniques with SANS Institute's John Strand – GO
> Powersploiting: Leveraging the Metasploit Framework with H D Moore – GO

Johnny Long put on a great session last year and I am happy to see he is back with a keynote and a training session.  Dino Covotsos session on Bluetooth hacking taught me to leave Bluetooth off and forget about using it 🙂 and H.D. Moore, of Metasploit fame, is sure to deliver some great information as well.

I am again looking forward to attending SecTor as a participant and learning what the possibilities are and how to protect against them!  I hope to see some of you there and if you are coming let me know so we can connect!  I`d love to hear your thoughts on security and what you learned at the event!

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