Changing the world, One competition at a time.

Since I started in this role I have heard a lot about the Imagine Cup. Not knowing anything about it, I started looking into it.

clip_image002 Well it turns out it’s a wonderful competition where students from around the world are using their minds, their know-how, their passion, their creativity and – of course... – their imagination to compete and develop innovative technologies. And it’s been happening for seven years... WOW!!


Normally we talk a lot more about technology and solutions for people who are already established in the IT community and workplace.  One of the things that makes the Imagine cup special is that it is targeted at students form colleges and universities. The future IT pros. This is an audience that we are paying attention to more and more.  To that end I'd like to remind all post secondary students out there that if you want to learn more about the Microsoft technology, out of schools, we have a great vehicle called Dreamspark to get you the tools at no cost. All you need is an ISIC card number and then you can download the software.

Anyway...  where was I?  Ah! Yes.  The Imagine Cup...

Last year’s theme was "Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment." And you can see the winners here.  You may notice something fantastic.... There’s an IT challenge division... "Cool!”

This year's theme is "Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing us today."  The United Nations has identified some of the hardest challenges in the world today in its Millennium Goals. Learn more about the eight Millennium Goals here. The Imagine Cup will use these ambitious challenges as a guiding light to inspire change all over the world.

Hmmmm!!! Using technology to solve problems... isn’t it what IT Pros do all the time??

Are ready to meet the challenge? I know that I can wait to see what IT Pros in the world will come up with. It will be interesting to see what kind of innovation will take place. And above all, I can’t wait to see folks do things that are inspiring.

The Imagine Cup encourages people to develop innovations that can make a difference in the world today.  That reminds me of something Simon Sinek, a graduate level strategic communications professor at Columbia University, once told me... "If you inspire people to do the things that inspire them, you can change the world".

So, go ahead... check it out here. The registration site is open. Who knows, you could be the next winner. -  And maybe...  You can change the world...

"I wish there had been an Imagine Cup when I was growing up. It gets people involved in seeing that software is changing the world."

-Bill Gates                        
Chairman, Microsoft Corp.

Imagine the possibilities....



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