SBS 2008 Launch – Your Input Is Requested

I was speaking with Constanza Zalba, the SBS/EBS product manager the other day and she asked my opinion on the upcoming SBS/EBS Launch she is planning.  I said why not ask the potential attendees and she agreed.  She wrote up this post for our blog.  Got some ideas, comments, concerns you want to share?  Well here is your chance!


Constanza Headshot 1 - For Media So now that SBS 2008 has RTM’ed - What do you want to see as part of the Canadian SBS & EBS 2008 launch plans?

So here I am, writing my first blog posting.  And before I start – I just want to say thank you Rodney for allowing me to try out this whole “blogging thing” on his space.  I hope I make you proud. 🙂

Whether it was at SMB Nation in Toronto, our “First Looks at SBS and EBS 2008” sessions as the SBSC Tour, Energize IT 2008 or at User Groups across the country, I had the opportunity to meet many of you “SBSers” and “potential EBSers” out there in May and June when we went out to the community to introduce these 2 upcoming technologies.

For those of you I have not met yet – please allow me to introduce myself.  I’m the Product Manager for SBS and EBS here in Canada.  I’ve been at Microsoft for 4 years now, spending my first 2.5 years within the Partner Marketing team where I found my passion for the SMB community.  I’ve always had a real admiration for the entrepreneurial spirit – and it’s in the SMB space where I have met so many of you out there that get up every morning and say “I want to change something.  I want to create something. I’m going to take a risk and do something different”.

Which leads me to why I’m writing this post -- which is – that I want to “change something, create something, do something different” for the SBS/EBS Launch.  So I’m keen to understand what exactly you guys need from us.  How do we make the arrival of this next version of SBS and the entrance of this new midmarket server (EBS) into Canada, something that you (or your customers) get excited about?!  How do we help you (or your customers) adopt it?!  What are your challenges?  How do we help you succeed?

As we figure out the Canadian SBS/EBS launch plans for the October/November timeframe, it would be really helpful to hear from you on what you need from us. So give me a shout. Email me: Call me: 905-363-8683. Whatever works. But let me know what you'd like to see in Canada for SBS/EBS. I really do want to hear from you.

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  1. Sean Kearney says:

    They need some cool theme music.

    Oh *smack* silly me.  I have some… 🙂

  2. ye110wbeard says:

    I’d like to see people using SBS in ways Microsoft has not deemed as standard (maybe at the demo launch)

    I’d like to see SBS and EBS and ENTERPRISE working together.  We lost a contract because the Enterprise division was saying "SBS slow!!!".  

    At the launch?   Maybe some way of showing SBS getting the little guy to EBS and EBS being the Big guy.   How these systems REALLY work.

    Yes.  I’m a big fan of SBS.   It’s not garbage.  It doesn expand.  It can have multiple Domain Controllers, It loves Terminal Servers.   And and only about $300 above WHS (or less) it’s an absolutely astounding integrated solution.

    BTW, I COULD make you a video for the launch … cough cough cough….

    (Yes I can see Rodney, Rick and Damir Cringing in the corner)

  3. Jeff Loucks says:

    Nice Post Constanza,

    I will call you with my ideas.

    I think it would be great to do a technology make over around SBS 2008, terminal services and Response Point. Put it on video. I will donate my time to help the client implement.

    I even know a technology incubator that might be the perfect client and they are in small town everywhere.

  4. Sean Kearney says:

    My apologies to the hearing of the people at Microsoft and to the SBS EBS Product manager’s ears.  Both the bad UNOFFICIAL RUN AWAY SBS/EBS theme songs are online.

    I’ll post the links if you like…. 😉

    Friday Funny Safety kits may have to be created en-masse now… NUTS!

  5. ye110wbeard says:

    Our first official SBS 2008 Production server is going online Tuesday.  

    In one respect not impressive (1) user but on the other hand that’s the power SBS 2008 has.  Hardware (mirrored drives) is under $1000, Software about $1000.  Nothing lowballed on the specs.

    Overkill? No.

    Single user that requires continuous email, the abilty to access it from any point, remote access and solid file sharing.

    You COULD jury rig it but look at the trade offs.  No Exchange.  Without Exchange the Calendar is now on Outlook (which is a great system) but really not (out of the box) designed to keep that calendar contacts on multiple locations.

    Secure Remote access built in with RWW.  I could do it with Home Server but that holds the computer down to 32 bit technology and older patches.

    I do believe we can even power up NAP, which is useful for when the client comes back in with the laptop from remote locations.  

    SBS 2008.  Scalable from all the way to one.

    Now do you see why I sing? (No funny)

    I do have one question.   I don’t NOT (?) see the ability to put in Unified Messaging.  Is it part of the SBS 2008 License?

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