What’s Your Digital Lifestyle?

The digital lifestyle has been one that most readers of this blog have probably been living for quite a while.  We all seem to be up on the latest gadgets, tweaks and using technology in every part of our lives.  About a year ago we saw this video at an internal Microsoft event and I see they released it publicly a while ago.  I thought I'd show it to you and ask what is it about the digital lifestyle that you love, hate, want or need.

Video: Your Digital Lifestyle

For me personally I can't live without my Windows Mobile phone.  When I first moved to the GTA the first thing I bought was a GPS to help me find my way.  I still use it occasionally but since I usually walk once I get downtown TO I rely on Live Maps on my phone to get me where I need to go.  That along with my email and the phone functions of course keep me on track.

When travelling I can't go anywhere without my Zune.  I am thrilled that they will be available in Canada as of June 13th, not so much as I need to by another device but the subscription option in Zune Marketplace is something I got hooked on when I got to try it for a few weeks.  For the cost of a CD you get 30 days of unlimited downloads and listening of anything in the market.  As long as you keep your subscription up to date you can continue to download and listen to the music.

The last big part of my digital lifestyle is my Live Space.  Living 2200KM from where I grew up my Live Space is how I let everyone at home know what is going on.  It has got to the point where if I don't post there on a regular basis my parents will phone to see if everything is alright 🙂

Of course there are things like Media Centre and Xbox 360 that I frequent, more so now that it is in my home office, but I can go a few days or weeks even without using either.  The rest, well that is part of my life now and I am not sure how I got along with out it.

P.S. The song in the video is called "Girl From Mars" and it is a cover performed by Magenta Lane.

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