The most wonderful time of the year….

You might hear Microsoft folks talking about the end of the year and wonder what's up, it is only May?  Well our fiscal year end is June 30th and when we say year end, we mean the end of the fiscal year.  Because of the way the fiscal cycle is laid out, our event and planning cycles follow this same calendar.  So June 30th is the year end and Energize is the last event of the year.  Make sense?  Well our resident funny man thought it sounded a lot like Christmas and came up with this little jingle....

seankSung to it's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

We're just waiting to get ourselves all ENERGIZED!
The Greatest time of year.
The communities all a glow, for that Grand Canadian Show
the Developers and IT Pros are full of cheer

We're just waiting to get ourselves all ENERGIZED!
That one amazing day
It's a Saturday you see, no excuse for thee
to come out and play

Oh yes your brain will explode developing code
with thoughts popping in and out
And there's so much to learn, our thoughts they will churn
We want to just scream and shout

It's too bad it only happens once a year.....

We're just waiting to get ourselves all ENERGIZED!
Anything can be!
Bring your friends and your family, it's absolutely FREE!
It's a pure Canadian computer thing, come and see!

We're just waiting to get ourselves all ENERGIZED!
Sing it one and all!
Grab your laptops and smartphones too, hide your USBs from the glue
and we'll have a ball!


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Energize IT 2008 - Anything is Possible!

Comments (2)

  1. ye110wbeard says:

    Tee hee!  Tee hee!  

    Ok, I’ve finished my list for Energize IT and emailed it off to Bill Gates.

    I’ve set up the tree on the front yard and used Lan Cable as Garland.   I’ve got a BIG CPU fan on the top for a star.   It’s covered in open bare wires shorting out to get that "Sparkling" effect.

    And I’ve laid out a SQL table plastered in "Cookies".

    Did I forget anything?  

  2. john oxley says:

    you know a passion like  your’s can’t be denied!

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