You know you are a geek……

seankIf you can identify various cell phones by model by their unique sounds (And are visibly irritated when you CAN'T!)

Setting up the Bluetooth system to tie the GPS, Laptop, MP3 player and hands free system is a piece of cake.  Changing the tire isn't.

If you had to genuinely think twice about paying for that new gadget or paying your hydro bill.  REALLY had to think.

When your kids were born, if you considered (at least for a blink of an eye) naming the kid Bill, Steve or Jack (because of CERTAIN computer guys)

If you tried and bothered arguing with your wife about it.

If you have at least two boxes of "useful electronic stuff" you can't bear to part with and won't throw away.

If you paid to courier those boxes to your new house for your new job.

If you recommend to clients to buy new equipment but you'll get buy on slapping an old laptop together from bits and pieces.

If you seriously have considered or have had a breakfast comprised of Cookies, Soda pop and potato chips.

If you are on a one to one basis with the cashier at the local McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell.

If The local Pizza shop is on speed dial.

If you can insulate your basement with all the used pizza boxes.

If you can genuinely imitate either Kirk, Scotty, Bones or McCoy or "Ensign Red Shirt"

If you are dreaming to this day of "Transporter" technology or having a phaser handy to take out the driver that cut you off.

You were a member of at least ONE of the following in ANY school.   Chess Club, Dungeons and Dragons, Computer Club, A/V club, Band.

You can understand 90% of the acronyms out there.  You can't spell Mississsauga or Missisisippi.

You walk about wearing at least ONE (if not more) memory keys.

You carry at least two gadgets at any point in time.

You own your own cable testing, probing, punch down and crimping equipment.

You have at least two stickers on your laptop.

You collect "Swag" for a hobby.

If you have ever tried to impress people with an emulator on your cell phone.

If you have ever trolled Goodwill for old computer hardware.

If you've ever installed Linux from floppy disks.

If your Digital camera has Wifi.

If you've ever owned a Vectrex.

Comments (7)

  1. ryan says:

    If you have ever tried to impress people with an emulator on your cell phone.

    I’ve done this one…NES emulator on the blackjack

  2. John Claus says:

    When you know all the verses to the Bruce’s Philosopher song by Monty Python.

  3. Sean Kearney says:

    I think being able to quote most of "The Holy Grail" goes into there as well without question.

    "Icky icky icky ptang Noooooowon!"

  4. Sean Swayze says:

    Well, you must be a geek because you can’t spell Mississauga or Mississippi.

    Am I SS? I SS. I Pee Pee Eye.

    I guess it was easier for me to remember because I AM SS.


    good list!

  5. Jason Miller [MVP] says:

    Uh oh… I didn’t think that it was going to be the SECOND item in the list to confirm my geekness…

    Hey Rodney, do you remember changing that tire on our fishing trip last summer with Pasquale?  What did it take, 3 IT Pros, all the gear unloaded from the truck, and an hour to change that tire?   🙂

  6. Rodney Buike says:

    LOL Jason!  I forgot about that.  Guess I can add that to the list why I am a geek.  For those wondering what Jason and I are talking about be sure to read my vacation post from last year!

    Rodney Buike

    IT Pro Advisor

  7. mike says:

    Your attempt at humour produces a marginally good "you know your a (blank)", blog post. 🙂

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