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A while ago Rick posted an entry about the Community Connection events being held during the Heroes Happen {Here} tour in Canada. 

First off... they are being put on as a partnership with User Communities / Professional Associations that serve as LOCAL resources to you. This includes CIPS, ICTC and UserGroups that we work with like WITPRO, VANTUG or SQLPASS.  This is a social event (i.e. FUN) that will allow you to connect to other IT Professionals (Dev, IT Pro, Specialists, PMP, CISSP - etc) to establish new relationships and nurture existing ones. We've opened the doors to anyone to come in, from any group or any background - regardless of your affiliation to or opinion of Microsoft. The only requirement is that you come to the event prepared to share your experiences and engage in conversation. 

Besides being a social event (I mentioned fun, right?) there will be some actual work going on during the evening as well. Our plans are facilitate an interactive discussion to gain insight and share experiences on changes that are affecting us all in the ICT industry in Canada.

So far we are about half way through the entire tour and the feedback from the Community Connection events is being processed.  Ruth has been working on transcribing the learnings from all the learning circles in all the cities and has posted some to the resource page already.  If you've been to one of the events and want to view the feedback or if you are curious what others in Canada are saying about issues facing the industry check out the Community Connection Event Resource Page.

Check it out and be sure to leave your feedback!

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  1. ye110wbeard says:

    And if you happen to hit one of these?  Don’t be afraid to bump into a stranger and say "Hey how’s it goin’?"

    You’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn…

    Just be careful about the Voluntold monsters.

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