Defend the Flag

If you have ever played Halo 3 you are probably aware of the Defend The Flag option in which your team goes against another team with the goal being capturing the other teams flag before they capture yours.


Well how about the same concept but with the challenge being you security skills as the test?  That is exactly what is happening on March 24th and 25th (minus the guns and ammo) in Vancouver at the CanSecWest Security Masters Dojo. 

Defend The Flag (DTF) is a unique two day hands-on training course designed to take the traditionally dry Windows security training workshop and make it interactive, personal, and visceral for each attendee. Students will gain the understanding of modern exploitation tools and techniques, in order to better learn how to protect their Windows systems. Practical implementations of Windows host hardening will demonstrate the effectiveness of defense in depth, especially in environments where patching is delayed for testing or just not possible for application compatibility reasons.

The best part about this course is that there is no prerequisites for previous experience or hands-on skills.  A basic knowledge of Windows administration is all that they require.  Even the equipment is supplied.  If this sounds interesting to you (I know I would be there if I wasn't in Winnipeg for launch) check out the CanSecWest page to find out more!

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