Toronto – Software Plus Services and the Impact on the Industry

Main Discussion Points:

  • Trend towards consolidation – taking in-house apps and co-locating them

  • Concern about security and control of hosted apps, as well as co-located ones



  • Observation: One company was forced into it - Main Reason: integration

  • Challenge: Web != Security - Security and Infrastructure Key

  • Challenge: How do I get tools talking together? Managing schema.

  • Advantage: Hosted Exchange has provided an interesting pay per use model

  • Guarantees - Start charging for an SLA

  • Challenge: There is no 1:1 parity on how services are implemented

  • Advantage: Location independence - globalization is easier

    • It changes the nature of the data center

  • Challenge: Finding the right sources to support, "expert" sources of services.

  • Challenge: Political barriers, geo-locking, licensing

  • Challenge: Transitioning from Traditional models to Software + Services

  • Observation: "Software in the cloud is cloudy"

  • Observation: Small companies in Canada write custom applications

  • Barrier to adoption for the model is confidentiality and security

  • Observation: S+S is a "wobbly bridge"

  •  Challenge: How do you guarantee an SLA for a fast inet connection around the World

    •  For example, challenges in connection between Thornhill and Etobicoke. Toronto and Ottawa! 

  • Challenge: End user experience based on connection

Theme request for next learning circle: Roadmap for Technology - predictability and consistency

 For example: Latest CRM product only supports 64 bit, hardware was purchased in advance with no indication of dependency.

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    As part of the Microsoft Windows Server 2008/ SQL Server 2008/Visual Studio 2008 Launch events , we are

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