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On Wednesday, we launched Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, and SQL Server 2008 at the first Heroes Happen Here event in Toronto.  As the next few weeks go by we will be visiting other cities across the country to allow you to learn more about how these products can help your organization and continue your technical journey. 

As we travel across the country we invite you to share your experiences and thoughts about the Heroes Happen Here events with others in the IT community through your pictures on Flickr, blog posts, and Twitter tweets.  Through the work of four talented individuals from the Toronto SharePoint User Group, doing this is as easy as tagging your photos on Flickr, Twitter tweets or blog posts with the HHH_CA tag.  Welcome to the site!!

HHH_CA 082 (640x480)

Thanks to the work of the four individual pictured above at the Toronto event - (from left) Mark Zanoski, Bill Brockbank, Kanwal Khipple (project lead), and Muhsin Shahid - you have a site where your pictures, blog posts, and Twitter tweets will automatically be aggregated and shared with your peers and all you need to do is remember to include the HHH_CA tag to make it happen. On top of that, the Register link on the site will allow you to sign up for your own Windows Live Hotmail email address (and Windows Live ID) with a full 5GB of space!!  Remember to sign out of any other Windows Live ID before clicking the Sign-Up link on the Register page.

One thing I find cool about the site is that it uses some really great new technologies like Silverlight and PopFly to deliver the content.  The picture carousel displaying all of the HHH_CA tagged photos, a PopFly component, is really cool so check it out at

We will be posting a video interview with the team in the next little while so stay tuned!!

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