What is a Hero?

Sean Kearney, our resident funny guy, poet, songwriter emailed me his latest; a definition of a hero.  Enjoy!


Those unspoken masses who work through the night
Doing the deed to end the fight
Plodding along until the light


Those who answer the angry calls
While terror runs through the halls
And laptops thrown at the walls


Those who weave amongst the Code
To prevent a dump and overload
To interlink that hidden node


The managers who deal with the blow
Of the problems that always show
Each day they stand and glow


The parent with little cash
Rebuilds a system from the trash
To bring a child's eyes that little flash


And the rest not be forgotten by
Let us stand up hands held high
And shout out clearly to the sky.




Comments (4)

  1. ye110wbeard says:

    Of course that’s just in the ‘puter world.

    Let’s not forget all the other non computer heroes out there.   Firefighters, Police on the extreme side.

    And on the regular side.  

    That parent that chooses to keep trying for a job even with hope lost.

    The kid that chooses not to use drugs or join a gang.

    The driver who you accidentally cut off and does NOT choose to run you off or flip you the bird.

    The people that each and every day try to make the world a little better instead of a little worse.


    {HEROES} one and all…

  2. Daniel Nerenberg says:

    Hey Sean you over cafeinated fiend 🙂 nice work.

  3. ye110wbeard says:

    Every once in a while my friend.

    Every once in a while…. 😉

    Speaking of which I SHOULD work on that little video for "I am Caffeinated".  

    Look out Youtube… B)

  4. Paul Wicks says:

    Nicely said Mr. Kearney.

    Your supplemental {HEROES} list is appropriate, yet I felt the poem implied them all.

    The ‘puter world and the real world do not seem as disconnected as they once were. technology has become deeply embedded into our daily lives, and now provides “geeks” with the ability to apply their skills creatively in emergency situations.

    We now have {HEROES} helping {HEROES}

    Thanks for sharing positive energy

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