[Funnies] I’m Using Powershell

seank(Sing it alone to 'Highway to Hell' by AC/DC)

It's so easy, and it's free
Download it now it'll take no time
Get it in, use it now
For to not would be such a crime
Shell of Power, Pipes of Dreams
Kiss your last wasted minutes away
Party now, let's get down
I can't wait to start this day

I'm using Pow-ow-er-shell
Cruisin' with Pow-ow-er-shell

No Batch Files, Wasted minutes
So much power I've to abuse
Using Get, Add it in
Clear data and Out it to you
Hey Billy, Stevie B,
Too much time on my hands
Done my work, 'fore I started
I won't ever use those other brands

I'm using Pow-ow-er-shell
Microsoft Pow-ow-er-shell

Don't End Task!

(Insane yelling sequence somewhat akin to a bunch of nerds loaded up on Rockstar and losing a 20 minute round on the Guitar Hero series)

I'm using Pow-ow-er-shell
Windows Pow-ow-er-shell

No systems goin' down........
On my waaaaaaaaaaatch.

I'm usin' Pow-ow-er-shell.

Comments (2)

  1. Sean Kearney says:


    That’s it.

    I’m going into hiding.  There is a large mob of Powershell groupies gathering outside of the front door and I think I just saw Steve Ballmer hanging outside waiting for MY autograph.

    Good grief!

  2. ye110wbeard says:

    Cough… cough… the mp3 now exists…

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