[Funnies] Thank-You

seankA thank you note to all of the spammers

I would like to send a special thank you this year to all of those spammers who have been trying to reach me.   Your efforts have not gone un-noticed.  Because of all of your stock tips and the various lotteries, I am now richer than Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and that guy that own's Virgin combined.

Thanks.   It's helped about the office lately at lunch time.  

And the extra money has really come in handy with all the Viagra and Cialis.  I've stocked up so much I should be able readily re-populate the entire planet ten times over. 

I'm going to need it too.  I mean, what with all the extra women who've been trying to get my attention BEFORE I won all this money,  I'm going to be spending a lot of time moving people across the border, I figure I'll be VERY busy in the next twenty years.

And for all the extra efforts sent out by PayPal and all those banks (even ones I've never used!) I must say, some companies go to all efforts to show customer service.  It's a rare treat to see so many going that extra effort to email me about potential account problems.  Thank you!

Now to the many people that sent me all those links to view their pictures, I'd love to have spent the time, really I would.   But there is only so much time one can spend.

I mean with all my extra wealth I've just finished buying Microsoft and supplying food to twenty three different undernourished countries.  I'll be a little too busy (if you know what I mean) to check them out.

Thanks anyhow, maybe better luck next year?

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