[Podcast] Kevin Coleman – From Social Engineering to Cyberwar

This is the last podcast in the series from my time at SecTor.  Kevin Coleman was the Chief Strategist at Netscape before becoming a Senior Fellow and Strategic Management Consultant with the Technolytics Institute – an executive think-tank.  When Kevin talks security he is talking high level and on a global scale.  He has testified before Congress on security matters including cyber warfare.

We had a great conversation on social engineering, the Storm worm and how a botnet could be used to conduct a cyber war on a country (it already happened earlier this year) and why security awareness for everyone is a crucial task that must be taken on.  Take a listen and check out his session from SecTor, it will both frighten and enlighten (PDF and WMV available)




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  1. ye110wbeard says:

    Let me just say that was truly interesting.   What caught my interest was that predicition of a Metavirus.  You know, that makes so much sense too.  I’ve been dealing with viruses and spyware for so long and with the exception of the odd WinlogonNotify pest, there’s not been a lot of "Good ones"

    Not that they’re fun but any really "innovative" ones.   Which keeps me thinking in the back of my head we’re due for a doozy to come out.   Never thought of a "MetaVirus" but it makes sense.

    Thanks for the Cast, it was quite informative.   I especially liked that bit about the fellow at the end with the "still active" company ID card.

    Good grief!

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