Traffic Sucks

Most of you know I moved to the GTA from Winnipeg when I took this job.  There are a lot of things I like about living here but traffic is not one of them. Now traffic is no treat in Winnipeg, but in the GTA it is a little different.  Most traffic in Winnipeg can be blamed on two things, construction and weather.  In the summer you know there is going to be construction and you try and avoid it, in the Winter snow is the problem. But the GTA is a little different...

- It took me two hours to get from the office to North York which should be 45 minutes in normal conditions.  This day it just took longer due to volume.

- The 401 is 8 lanes in either direction at some points yet a flat tire on the complete opposite side of the freeway will cause traffic to come to a stop as people look to see what's going on

I am sure anyone who drives has stories to share about how bad traffic is where they live, I know for a fact Montreal and Vancouver are terrible as well, but there is some help!

The Live team here in Canada has been hard at work incorporating new features into some of the services they build.  Maps.Live.Ca has a great new feature that highlights traffic conditions and construction information.  I did a quick search for a route I take to get from the office to downtown Toronto to see what information it shows (click to enlarge).


You can see the green and yellow marking on the route indicating traffic flow and construction information.  I did end up buying a GPS for my car to help me get around but it doesn't do traffic or construction.  With this information now in Live Maps (currently in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto) I think I'll be getting around a bit easier from now on!

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  1. ye110wbeard says:

    You know what I would love to see is the Canadian traffic incorporated into Streets and Trips.   If you use it as a GPS, the American construction updates are in there, but not the Canadian.

    And how would you know about the idiot with the flat tire at the side of the road Rodney if you didn’t look yourself?

    Shame on you!  Shame on you, you rubbernecker you…

    Besides in Toronto, you drive on the sidewalk.  It’s quicker that way.   Just ignore that "thump thump" sound.  

    It’s only people.

  2. Louis-Philippe Gauthier says:

    And now to hack a way to embed a GPS location with the live service in WM6 so that your phone would act as your car GPS.

  3. ye110wbeard says:

    Actually I don’t believe this!  I have an answer that’s not funny.  

    It’s not a hack, it’s reality.

    Get Trips and Streets GPS edition.   There is software for Mobile5/6 2003se Smartphone and PocketPC versions.

    Get the Bluetooth adapter for the GPS (pretty inexpensive) and you have ONE nice portable butt kicking GPS.

    Total cost for Software + GPS well under $150 new, check eBay and you can probably scoop an older copy cheap with the GPS.  Why?  

    Becuase to buy a new copy of Trips and Streets current is only $40.  Most of the cost is the GPS and if you get it cheap WELL worth it… 🙂

    Serious Fridays Guy and bad Christmas Tune writer


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