[Funnies] Home Server vs. Real Server

I am giving Sean the day off this week as I wanted to share some serions news with you all.  It must be serious as it could not wait until Friday to post this "funny" news.  There has been a lot of news flying around here and elsewhere about Windows Home Server and with the upcoming availability at Best Buy and Futureshop as well as other Canadian retailers I thought I should share these news clips with you.  Home Server is already causing a stir and starting a few debates like "Are Home Servers Real Servers?" and "Home Server vs. Real Server?"  Watch the videos and then decicde for yourself!

Video: Stay at Home Servers - Introduction

Video: Home Sweet Server?

For more information on this debate, please check out www.stayathomeserver.com

Comments (3)

  1. ye110wbeard says:

    Really tho, it is BASED on SBS 2003 core so it’s sort of real.  No Exchange in there but that backup kick’s fanny posterior.

    Thanks for the Zzzzzz time.   I had about 2 hours sleep this morning… 🙂

  2. ye110wbeard says:

    BTW.  Top of their head doea anybody know the limit on storage on Home Server?  Is it limited to 2 terabytes like Server 2003 does the newer file system bypass that?

  3. ye110wbeard says:

    You know I finally got home and just heard the audio.

    *SHOCKED!* I am just *SHOCKED* to hear this kind of news on the television!  

    I am just *SHOCKED* and *DISGUSTED* to hear that ANY server would EVER choose THAT WAY OF LIFE!

    Servers belong in one place.  The server room!  They should be serving my every need and at my beck and call!

    Especially when I play orders for Lasagna and Meatballs!

    Stay at home servers… Oh you people make me sick.

    I mean…

    …whisper whisper… "Oh I see.  The computer kind you say… Well… er…"

    The finally commenter would like to retract his comments…. a Stay at Home Server from Microsoft is an excellent idea.   I thought you meant the kind that serve my dinner at East Side Marios..

    Sorry… so Sorry…

    I’ll go back to bed now…


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