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Last week, Rodney and I both had the opportunity to attend the Security Education Conference in Toronto (SecTor). It was an excellent conference, one that I would recommend if you have anything to do with IT security in your job and can make it to the Toronto area. Next year's conference is already set for October 7-8, 2008, so mark it in your calendar!

We got an email through the blog asking when we were going to post the resources for this conference. Well, this actually wasn't a Microsoft event, although we were one of the sponsors, so we won't be. However, we did contact the organizers and if you attended the conference, you should have received an email this week about that very subject. In case you didn't, you can find all the presentations, plus session recordings, tools and whitepapers on the conference site at

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  1. ye110wbeard says:

    I personally couldn’t do Sector.  Wasn’t quite in the budget for me.   But I did get to the My Technet Security tour.   For those of us who couldn’t do Sector Rodney and Rick had some great tips on security in general.

    For some reason Rodney kept hammering down about locking down desktops when you walk away….

    Oh and as he suggested I played with Laser Pointer on my thumbprint scanner.     All it wanted to do on the Microsoft one was flick the laser scanner on and keep it on.

    At least it gave me some extra light to read

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