TechNet Offer – You commented, we responded!

The other day we posted an offer for TechNet Plus subscriptions offering $70 off.  Pretty good deal until we heard that the US is offering $100 off.  Considering the health of the Canadian dollar this didn’t seem right and a loyal reader named Luke pointed that out in a comment to the blog.

Microsoft is a huge company and each country has its own subsidiary that runs their own promos and programs.  Sometime these programs are very similar and run at the same time, like for example the TechNet discount.  Since all these promos and programs are run by the local subsidiary and not from Redmond sometimes they differ and we usually don’t have any insight into what the other subs are doing.  That said, thanks to the world wide web and all the different Microsoft blogs a lot of times the US programs are seen by Canadian IT pros and we get questions as to why there is a difference.

A current example is TechNet Canada is running a promo that was offering $70 off the price of a one year subscription.  One thing to clarify is that the pricing is all in USD so with the discount in Canada you’d pay $279.20 USD.  That said, the US team is offering $100 off which translates to $249 USD.  So why the $30 difference?     I can’t say as I don’t know but what I do know is your feedback counts!  We read the comments and we respond!  We did so when we found out that the US launch team was giving out Office 2007 during the launch event and worked internally to get it out to all Canadian launch attendees!

Luke, one of our blog readers, pointed out this recent discrepancy on our TechNet promotion and we have acted again this time securing the same discount for our Canadian IT pros.  Yes you will be able to get the same $100 USD discount and pay the same $249USD.  

Now you can order your TechNet Plus Direct subscription using the promo code TNCAN1 and get $100 USD off the regular price.  This cuts it down to $249USD for the one year subscription which also includes 2 technical support incidents as well as access to managed newsgroups and more.....

Comments (2)

  1. Bruce says:

    Any idea on when this offer expires?

  2. ye110wbeard says:

    Hey did anybody find out the current list of goodies that’s on Technet Direct?

    Still waiting for mine in the mail but trying to get a list for the other techs at our company.   I mean if the list is even close to the one I saw on an old post, this is more than just a sweet deal (even without the discount!)

    So does than mean "The Cougar" will be available when it’s released later?

    "Please say yes, Please say yes, Please say yes!"

    crossing fingers… and toes… and eyes…

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