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There is a lot of hype about web 2.0 for the last few years. Facebook, MySpace, MS Live Space and others have changed the way people interact and communicate. I am an active participant, as are many of you….it is not a geek thing anymore….it is a people thing…my wife who can’t install an application without phoning me is an active participant! There are many Facebook groups dedicated to Microsoft technologies and employees. It is not surprising to then see this extend to how we as IT Pro's can gather and share our experiences.

Any of you who have ventured to the developer communities run under the Microsoft Evangelism Team at the Redmond offices have seen how Microsoft and developers have taken hold of this. Channel 8, 9, 10, Mix and other communities have emerged over the last few years under the guidance of Jeff Sandquist. Jeff’s group added a new community to their growing “city” last week with the addition of EDGE. An important note on Jeff is that he is Canadian, and for me of great importance is that fact he is from Estevan, Saskatchewan.

As Jeff has dubbed it "TechNet Edge is a place where IT professionals go to get the inside scoop on the latest and greatest technologies. You can do stuff like watch screen casts, check out interviews with people who develop the products, connect with your peers and speak what’s on your mind. It is part of the Evangelism Network and follows its doctrine, so you know we keep it real."

Are you a student? Visit Channel 8
Do you architect or create software solutions? Check out Channel 9
Power User? Channel 10   (some great stuff here on Jeff's use of technology at home)
Love the Web? Mix Online or Silverlight or or
and now, are you an IT Pro?  Come on over to TechNet Edge

All of these our sites do have some similarities.  These community sites are a place to hang and use a lot of media.  Through social media, they introduce you to the people behind the scenes at Microsoft, highlight what people are doing with Technology in the industry and finally hopefully show you some new things via screencasts.

The communities take advantage of some cutting edge technology in the AJAX interface and Silverlight streaming media. Again, an opportunity the let your creative juices flow and see how these technologies can be implemented in your environment. As an architect, I am constantly looking at technology and it's implementation to see how the organization I work for can move forward and Jeff's group consistently points me in the right direction to keep me informed and energized.

Sign in with a Live account, create a profile and join the community! As a starting point, post an introduction in The Perimeter’s Who Are You thread. If you see an Avatar on the home page with a bald guy in a red shirt, click on it as that is me…wcraddock. Send me message, check out information about the people who have joined….you may be surprised to find people from Kenya, Europe, Japan, the US and Canada already there. Some of them are Microsoft employees and the balance are IT Pro’s like you from around the world who share a common interest and experience.

Will Craddock

Regina IT Pro User Group

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