My TechNet Q&A – Toronto

Well it is a wrap!  The MyTechnet Security Tour wrapped up last week with the final event in Toronto and Regina.  Rick, Damir and myself had a great time meeting with IT pros in Canada to talk about security, and answer questions along the way.  We had a ton of questions (the Q&A in Toronto lasted an hour) and over the course of the tour I've been posting answers to some of the common questions.  A lot of the questions from Toronto were the same or similar to other cities and you can read up on those in the Interesting Q&A category but we did have some resources that we talked about in Toronto to share.

Tom Moreau, a SQL Server MVP, was on hand to answer questions at the end of the day and mentioned a blog that focuses specifically on SQL Server security.  He couldn't remember the exact URL but he did send it to me after the event and it is  Check it out if you are interested in SQL Server and want to know more on how to secure it.

We also had Stewart Cawthray, who is a forensics and incident specialist for one of the Big 5 banks in Canada on hand to help out with the Q&A as well.  Stewart has recently resurrected his blog on general security topics and best practices called My IT Security.  It is another great resource to add to your RSS reader.

And of course you can find all the post event resources at including the newly released Office 2007 Security Guide 

One final reminder, you have until December 3rd to take the My TechNet Security Quiz for your chance to win a loaded Alienware Area 51 computer.

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  1. Sean Kearney says:

    And no sneaky cheating on the quiz by looking further down the page for the real answers from Funny Friday…. 🙂

    That’s just not going to help.

  2. Amit says:


    Sorry for commenting on this blog as comments for the mentioned blogs have been blocked!

    I am facing the same problem you had mentioned regarding SSL issues in Vista and IE7.

    I tired out the  the changes you had suggested, links you showed; but they done seem to work!

    Is there anything that can be done regd the problem!!!



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