Last Chance for SecTor

150x200(white) Based on the recent success of the My TechNet Security Tour, IT pros and developers in Canada care about security.  Computer security impacts our lives in so many ways from personal things like online banking, to protecting corporate assets.  In order to know what to protect and how to protect it you need to know what the possibilities are and that includes what the bad guys are working on.  Finding this information can be difficult sometimes.

SecTor brings the world's brightest (and darkest) minds together to identify, discuss, dissect and debate the latest digital threats facing corporations today. Unique to Canada, SecTor provides an unmatched opportunity for IT Professionals to collaborate with their peers and learn from their mentors.

Sessions & Speakers - click here for the abstracts

Keynote: Growing the Security Profession: Dr. Richard Reiner
Keynote: Zen and the Art of Cybersecurity: Ira Winkler
Keynote: Attack Trends and Techniques: What's Hot!?: Steve Riley
Keynote: A Law Enforcement Perspective: Carole Bird, RCMP

"Invisible Things Lab" - Joanna Rutkowska
"The Evolution of Phishing to Organized Crime" - Rohyt Belani
"Process Control and SCADA: Protecting Industrial Systems from Cyber Attack" - Mark Fabro
"Modern Trends in Network Fingerprinting" - Jay Graver and Ryan Poppa
"Exploit-Me Series – Free Firefox Application Penetration Testing Suite Launch"- Nish Bhalla and Rohit Sethi
"NAC@ack" - Dror-John Roecher and Michael Thumann
"Challenges in Operating Systems Security" - Joanna Rutkowska
"TCP/IP Perversion" - Rares Stefan
"Wireless Security - What Were They Thinking?" - Brad "Renderman" Haines
Black Ops 2007: DNS Rebinding Attacks - Dan Kaminsky
Hacking Hollywood - Johnny Long
You're Just Not Pretty Enough to Do Investigations - Kai Axford & local law enforcement
"SQL Server Database Forensics" - Kevvie Fowler
"Securing Commodity Systems using Virtual Machines" - David Lie
"DNSSEC: Theory and Worldwide Operational Experiences" - Paul Wouters
"Web Application Worms: The Future of Browser Insecurity" - Mike Shema
"Hacking Bluetooth for Fun, Fame and Profit" - Dino Covotsos
"State of the Hack" - Kevin Mandia

I am looking forward to attending SecTor and listening to Steve Riley, Joanna Rutkowska, Kai Axford and more.  We've even snagged a discount code for you to use to get yourself 10% off.  Register by clicking through to and use the promo code MICROSOFT

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