Windows Home Server is Released!!!

As anyone who has talked to me, or attended a TechNet event over the last few months can tell you, I am a big fan of Windows Home Server.  I even blogged about how during my vacation I got my geek on and got it up and running at our house to ensure the photos and other valuable information that translate into our family's precious memories are kept safe.  The fact is that it was possible to download a 120-day trial of Windows Home Server for quite a while now but it was not something that you could go out and buy yourself or get in a pre-installed and pre-configured machine.  Today, all of this has changed!!

As of today, the HP MediaSmart Server powered by Windows Home Server is available for purchase from and other vendors. Looking at the price points, this is going to be one of those geek must-have gifts for Christmas.  In addition, you can also contact your preferred system builder in Canada and ask them to build you a Windows Home Server machine just they way you want it.  Since it is built on the Windows Server 2003 platform, wide support of hardware components is available.  I was able to load LAN and other drivers onto the Windows Home Server operating system on my home-built machine without any problems, but remember to use the Windows Home Server Console to administer it on a day-to-day basis.

In case you're wondering what it is, Windows Home Server is a “stay-at-home” server that delivers the benefits of powerful server technology used by many people at work within a simple, easy-to-use solution for the home. It automatically backs up Windows XP-based and Windows Vista-based home computers each night, provides a central place to organize digital documents and media, and includes a free Windows Live Internet address to access the home server from virtually anywhere and share content with friends and family. It also monitors the health and security status of home computers and can stream media to other devices in the home, such as Xbox 360, allowing people to enjoy digital music, photos and videos on their television.

One of the most exciting things about Windows Home Server is the fact that there is a rich developer community out there producing Add-Ins to extend the functionality of the product. The recent Code2Fame Challenge produced some interesting winners. Furthermore, Windows Home Server also has a number of key blogs that allow you to find out more about how to add functionality yourself and share information about how you are using Windows Home Server: 

Also check out Channel 10, the place for all really cool geek stuff including Windows Home Server.  It is one of my home pages in IE7, as well as the Home Server Team Blog, and, of course, this blog.

Like I said before, Windows Home Server is a must-have holiday gift for the geek and his family!!!


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  1. James Driver says:

    I’ve been waiting for Home Server for months.  Do you have any links to Canadian sites? won’t ship electronics to Canada and I can’t find them on either.

    Is this available here or is this another Zune like device 🙂


  2. ye110wbeard says:

    Ahhh technical question my dear Damir.

    Is Home Server limited to the 2 terabyte storage cap NTFS5 has or is that limit of the 32 bit O/S?

    Every so often I let a non-silly one pop up… 🙂

  3. Rob Dloing says:


    I emailed Rodney and got a response.  It seems it is another Zune like device.  The only way to get it in Canada will be to build your own if/when TigerDirect gets the software.

    This sucks!  I wish Microsoft would stop hyping up the cool new things they build but then limit the sales to US only.


  4. Rob Dloing says:

    I got another response from the guys.  No idea when it will ship in Canada but apparently it will one day.


  5. Philip Churchill says:

    Hi Sean Kearney,

    WHS is not limited to 2TB, I have 4TB in mine and all is fine.

  6. Philip Churchill says:

    Nice post. Thanks for the link damirb.

  7. bobo says:

    Actually I think that it will be in future shop and best buy before the end of the month.  Check out what HP’s say’s in this article.

    HP will be first to use the new technology with the MediaSmart Server available on Nov. 26 at Future Shop and BestBuy in 500-gigabyte capacity for $599 and one terabyte for $749.

  8. Graham J says:

    I would like to congratulate and thank Philip Churchill (aka PhilTheChill) for setting up I get his daily email disgest and it is one of the first things that I read every day. I am one of those people that has loved WHS ever since I heard about it and entered the beta program. I cannot imagine managing without it now even if it is only from a backup standpoint. The other features that I like are remote access to the server and desktop, and that it is extensible via add-ins which are easy to install. I recently installed the Toolkit add-in from Microsoft which makes diagnostics and error reporting very much easier.

    Graham J.

  9. Rob Dloing et all….

    HomeServer (Media Smart from HP) is now available for pre-order from Futureshop ( with a date of December 14th.

    At that price – I might repurpose my existing box for some virtualization stuff I am doing and get this one as a replacement. It’s a sweet little box with a single 500 GB drive, in which I will be dropping 3 of my 320 GB drives into the box to fully populate the internal drive bays.

    I sense a blog post about the rollout and data migration. 🙂


    IT Pro Advisor

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