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I've been on the road now for 6 weeks - connecting with IT Professionals and IT Managers across the country (literally - St.John's to Vancouver). One of the questions that come up in almost every stop over the last 3 years of working on this team has been a question around "career".  These are more general in nature, asking about industry trends, how do I make myself more attractive to employers, I want to get into IT - is it better to be an independent or work for an organization - that sort of stuff. Geeze .... If technology change isn't enough for us IT Professionals to stay on top of, we also have to keep up to date on what career options make the most sense for us and our family.

Change in the IT industry is really the only constant. We typically leave career in the back seat or on auto pilot.  It's time to have a discussion around career, and I'm not just talking about skills and certification. You might have noticed in the Canadian edition of the TechNet Flash that we've got a brand new WebCast series starting up called Ignite Your IT Career. It will be a 1.5 hour investment every Thursday starting on November 15th at 12:00 EST. We hope that you'll take some time for yourself to evaluate your skills and develop a career plan for your future. It's worth the investment! Our confirmed speakers for the first session on "Industry Insight for the IT Pro" are:

  • Stephen Ibaraki - National President for the Industry Canada Chartered CIPS

  • David Senf - Director, Security and Software Research IDC (Canada)

  • Paul Swinwood - President of ICTC Canada Inc.

...did you notice there are no Microsoft speakers there? This is something for the IT Professional who works in the industry or is looking to get into the industry - regardless of your background or technology preference. I'll be playing the role of host/moderator, Ruth Morton is producing the series, Rod and Damir will be online to assist with questions. Most importantly - YOU will be asking the questions and the speakers will be responding and sharing their views.  

The Ignite Your Career series fill focus on several different elements of career planning to help you understand and explore your options. We'll have a host of leading industry insiders and IT Professionals from various facets of the industry to makeup the panel of experts targeted at each of the series. The format will be an interactive "radio show" open discussion, so you'll have a chance to ask your questions and hear community success stories. Here's the list of upcoming episodes. To register, simply click on the episode below.

Session 1: Industry Insight for the IT Pro
Thurs Nov 15 - 12pm-1:30pm - Register

Session 2: Skills Update - Build and Grow your Experiences
Thurs Nov 22 - 12pm-1:30pm - Register

Session 3: Career Opportunities for IT Pros
Thurs Nov 29 - 12pm-1:30pm - Register

Session 4: Work / Life Balance for IT Pros
Thurs Dec 6 - 12pm-1:30pm - Register

Session 5: What Does it Take to Become an IT Manager?
Thurs Dec 13 - 12pm-1:30pm - Register

Each episode in the series compliments the previous session, so be sure to register for them all. If your schedule is too hectic to attend, but you don't want to miss out, don't worry... All the sessions will be recorded and available for on demand consumption after each recording.

If you have suggestions for future episodes, please let us know. This career development theme is NOT a flash in the pan - we're serious about it.

We look forward to seeing you at the first webcast! Register TODAY!


Rick Claus
IT Pro Advisor
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(yes, I still blog here... but not as frequently as Rodney does...)

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  1. John Bristowe says:

    I’m looking forward to this series of Webcast presentations!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Like many of you, I’ve often found myself fulfilling the responsibilities of an IT professional; managing

  3. Anonymous says:

    Like many of you, I've often found myself fulfilling the responsibilities of an IT professional;

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