[Funnies] Alternate Methods of Security

seankHook up a wide open wireless router with range boosters.   Attach a wide open computer FULL of pornography with no internet access.   They'll be so busy drooling and downloading they won't have time for your corporate network.

Get a huge (and ancient) but REALLY impressive looking tower.   Put it behind a big expensive locked cabinet with glass doors.   Cover it with lots of signs saying "Don't" and "Not".  They'll never bother looking for the real thing.

Put really expensive high end hardware in really old (circa IBM XT) cases.  The retro fit will be worth the money.  "Who would WANT to steal THIS crap?"

Similarly wrap the high end patch cables with old grey Ma Bell phone wire casing.    Convince thieves you're too darn cheap to buy anything of value.

Make sure you rent a really crappy office in a dingy part of town.  Keep the OUTSIDE looking like a dump.   Behind the facade you can have the hot tub.

Retrofit old Commodore 64, Apple II, Atari monitors with current flat panel displays.   Throw off the scent further.

Go the local joke shop and get as MUCH "Fake Doodoo" as you can, leave it all around the desks.

Leave a LOT of very open, very DANGEROUS looking power cords laying about across equipment.   Nobody said they had to be plugged in.

Build Malay man catchers and open pit trips.   Train the staff VERY well on their locations.

There are probably other techniques that are most "accepted" by traditional society, but it never hurts to consider a little creativity.

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