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Based on the success of the recent MSDN series focusing on helping developers manage their career, the Canadian TechNet team decided to follow suit and in partnership with the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) - produce a 5 part series on career for the IT Professional. Based on the registration numbers and active participants - this is a popular topic that needed some attention. We've used the same brand "Ignite Your Career" and will make this part of an ongoing conversation for all professionals in the IT industry.

This was a team effort - and we all want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to attend these sessions. We hope you found them valuable and will continue to listen in on future Webcast series.

This resource page will be a one stop shop for the resources mentioned in each session as well as containing links to the previously recorded sessions. It will be updated after each of the sessions. If you listened in and heard a reference to a book, online resource or insightful tidbit - you will find it referenced here.

1. Industry Insight for the IT Pro - (Recorded Session download page)

The Industry is changing – change is a fact of life for the IT Pro. You need to be on top of what is happening in the industry in order to position yourself and your organization to benefit from these trends. This panel discussion will arm you with the information you need from experts who live and work in the industry and have succeeded.

  • Guest Panellists:

    • Stephen Ibaraki, National President for the Industry Canada Chartered CIPS

    • David Senf, Director, Security and Software Research IDC (Canada)

    • Paul D. Swinwood, President, ICTC Canada Inc.


2. Skills Update - Build and Grow your Experiences (Recorded Session download page)

We can no longer assume that technical skills are all that is required to succeed as IT Professionals. What skills do you need to possess in this changing environment? What experiences are in demand in the industry that will make you a strategic asset to any company? This panel discussion will cross all boundaries of the skill set spectrum ranging from technical skills, to communication and business skills, to help transform you into a hot commodity. 

  • Guest Panellists:

    • Dave O’Leary, Dean of Trades and Technology - Northwest Community College & National Director CIPS

    • Scott Murphy, VP, Business Development, Data Perceptions Inc.

    • Graham Jones, President, Vancouver Technology User Group (VANTUG)

    • Chuck Mariotti, Co-Founder & CTO, CareerDoor Inc.


Highlights - final thoughts from the speakers

  • Graham Jones: Doing what you like to do most is the best route.

  • Scott Murphy: Be someone that your managers can delegate responsibility to from strategic perspective.  Understand that IT is clearly linked to business operations.

  • Dave O’Leary: If you make a contribution, you will learn.

  • Chuck Mariotti: Soft skills are a great way to move your career forward.  Build networks, find like minding people, get people above you and beneath you engaged.

3. Career Opportunities for IT Pros

Once you understand industry trends and have examined your full spectrum skill set, you can now step back and review your career opportunities. This might include growing in your existing role within your organization, exploring other options within your company, or checking out what else is out there. This panel discussion will give you insight into career options and re-ignite your passion for being an IT Pro. 

4. Work / Life Balance for IT Pros

We all want a life. With mobile technologies and the ‘always-on’ mentality we need to establish and maintain a balance between work and life. If your only time to make changes and manage change in your environment is after hours, how can you maintain this balance without burning out? How do you manage the change so that you can develop career, train and spend time with yourself and your family? This panel discussion will connect you to individuals and experts who strive to establish and maintain this balance. 

5. What Does it Take to Become an IT Manager

Has your organization grown from a small shop with limited IT resources to one where IT is a strategic asset? Can you move up from working in IT to managing others in IT? What's the hardest thing about being an IT Manager...Managing people? Leaving technical skills behind? Leading a team? Running a business? This panel discussion will focus on the role of an IT manager and the core skills required to be become the best IT Manager you can be. 


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    WOW. We’ve taken your feedback over the last couple of years and created this webcast series focused

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    A little while ago, I posted about the Ignite Your Career webcast series that Rick is hosting, where

  3. Canadian IT Manager says:

    I once heard a speaker who took issue with the term “Work/Life Balance”. Her premise is that it’s all

  4. Anonymous says:

    Work / Life Balance is something that is important to everyone – regardless of what career or profession

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