Opening Up the HyperCall Virtualization API

I got a heads up last night about a pretty big change that was being announced today.  Early on in the life of Virtual Server 2005 we (as in Microsoft not the CanITPro team) opened up the COM APIs which allows anyone to create applications to interact with a Virtual Server.  A great example of this is the tool I posted here a while ago called VMRC+.  VMRC+ combines the functionality of the Virtual Server VMRC client with the Virtual Server web console to give you a single tool to manage Virtual Server hosts and VMs.

Microsoft also opened up the VHD specifications so that anyone can create applications that work with VHD files.  I use a tool called WinImage to work with VHDs offline and there are a whole pile of tools available that allow you to work with VHDs. 

The latest announcement is that we are going to be opening up the API for the Windows Server Virtualization HyperCall Adapter.  What does this mean?  Well it means that your interoperability options just got a whole lot better.  Microsoft's decision to put the hypercall API under their Open Specifications Promise will make it even easier for 3rd parties and the entire open source community to develop high-quality virtualization solutions that deliver true interoperability between Windows and Linux.

I mean lets face the facts.  No one runs a 100% Microsoft shop.  I never did when I was working as an admin.  Having true interoperability options are welcome by this IT pro and I think this is great news.

You can get more details over at Jeff Woosley's blog and at the Windows Server blog.

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