The Black Art of Security

SecTor_Logo_300_wide Security.  It is on the minds of more and more people these days as evident by the large draw of the My TechNet Security Tour, the coverage in the press, and conversations with other IT professionals in Canada.  Security is important.  One of the challenges with security and building a secure network is knowing what the vulnerabilities are.  In order to protect what you have, you need to know what you are protecting against.  This is why I am excited about an upcoming event in November called SecTor.

SecTor brings the world's brightest (and darkest) minds together to identify, discuss, dissect and debate the latest digital threats facing corporations today. Unique to central Canada, SecTor provides an unmatched opportunity for IT Professionals to collaborate with their peers and learn from their mentors. Held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto, SecTor runs two full days, November 20th and 21st. The event features Keynotes from North America's most respected and trusted experts.  Speakers are true security professionals with depth of understanding on topics that matter. SecTor is a must attend event for every IT Professional.

What is really exciting about this event is the number of Canadian security professionals speaking at this Canadian event!  Fifteen (15) out of the 29 confirmed speakers are Canadian including the keynote.  This is great news for the Canadian IT community, our security industry and shows the value that Canada has put into security.  Included in the list of speakers is names like Joanna Rutkowska, Kai Axford, Steve Riley, Dr. Richard Reiner and Carole Bird from the RCMP.  You can see a full list of speakers and sessions at  If you are interested in attending you can use the following promo code, CanITPro, to get 10% off on your registration at

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