My TechNet Q&A – Ottawa & St. John’s

Rick visited St. John's Newfoundland  and I made my way to Ottawa for the My TechNet Security tour and again the sessions led to some great Q&A at the end of the day.  There were some great questions on SQL database encryption and you can find out more information on this at the following websites.

Protect Sensitive Data Using Encryption in SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2005 Encryption Hierarchy

I also found a great post by fellow TechNet team member from the US Keith Combs which includes links to some webcasts you may be interested in.  You can find that at

One of the other popular questions so far has been around syncing AD groups with SharePoint groups.  Eric Legault, an Office MVP from my hometown of Winnipeg, answered that one in Winnipeg and it came up again in Ottawa.  The short answer is yes you can sync from AD into SharePoint but not the other way around.  For more information check out these links!

Managing Active Directory Connections in SharePoint

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    Damir and I have returned from Montreal after dropping in for the My TechNet Security tour. We had a

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