My TechNet Q&A from Winnipeg

The My TechNet Security tour is officially underway with the first stop in Winnipeg complete.  As you are aware if you've ever attended an event we always have time for Q&A at the end of the day and there were a lot of good questions.  All were answered but I did promise some resources with the how-to information.  There are demos on implementing SSL, Forms Based Authentication on Exchange and on ISA and one of the questions was what customizations were possible.  The good news was a lot and how?

Customizing Outlook Web Access 2000

Customizing Outlook Web Access 2003

Xbox Theme for OWA 2003

Microsoft Support Policy for OWA Customizations

Customizing the OWA FBA Logon Page

Customizing the ISA FBA Logon Page


I also mentioned a tool you can use for testing SSL which allows you to create self signed certificates.  This tool will create and install the certificate and can be used to encrypt the traffic.  It is part of the IIS 6.0 Resource Kit.

IIS 6.0 Resource Kits Tools


There are some other connections that can be secured with SSL including RDP and Virtual Server 2005 R2 with certificates from trusted roots (i.e. Go Daddy, VeriSign, Thawte) or with self signed certs.  I wrote a few articles at a few years ago which outline how to do this.

Configure RDP over SSL with SelfSSL

Configure SSL for Virtual Server with SelfSSL


Just remember that using a self signed certificate will work as far as encrypting the traffic but is not an effective method of validating the server you are connecting too!

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