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Danielle is passionate about helping people make the most of computer technology. She is a Senior Enterprise Workflow Architect and Consultant with over 20 years experience in IT project implementations. Her customers include governments and private enterprises of all sizes. Throughout her career, she has led change-management processes, developed and delivered training, provided technical writing services and managed communications programs during complex technology implementation projects.

More recently, Danielle has been involved in the design and support of test, development and production infrastructures based on virtualization technologies. She is familiar with most components of the Microsoft Windows Server System as well as security implementations, interoperability, manageability and virtualization. In addition, one of her best talents is communications through illustration, portraying complex concepts graphically and therefore, facilitating the understanding of these concepts. She was recently named a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for the Virtual Machine product line.

In 2007, Danielle released a free eBook with her partner Nelson Ruest: The Definitive Guide to Vista Migration ( and finished Windows Server 2008, The Complete Reference for McGraw-Hill Osborne to be published with the release of Windows Server 2008 in 2008. Danielle and Nelson are currently delivering a 20-city tour on Server Consolidation and Infrastructure Optimization ( which is designed to help organizations move to a virtual infrastructure. Danielle and Nelson are now working on an MSPress Training Kit: MCITP Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-238) Deploying Messaging Solutions with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

With Nelson, Danielle is co-author of “Preparing for .NET Enterprise Technologies” ( which, despite its name, focuses on implementing and managing locked down desktops, “Windows Server 2003: Best Practices for Enterprise Deployments” (, a step-by-step guide for the implementation of an enterprise network and “Windows Server 2003 Pocket Administrator” (, a guide for managing a network on a day-to-day basis. She is also involved as a freelance writer for several IT publications as well as producing white papers for various vendors ( and delivering Webcasts and conferences (

Danielle works for Resolutions Enterprises, a consulting firm focused on IT Infrastructure Design. Resolutions can be found at

What does being an MVP mean to you?

My nomination was a great surprise. I have been working with Microsoft products for several years and this is great technology. To be nominated as MVP felt like a reward for me and this helps me to continue my engagement in IT. Thank you!

If you could ask Steve Ballmer one question about Microsoft, what would it be?

Well, my question to Steve will be: “Will you miss Bill?” I know I will.

What do you think the best software ever written was?

Windows Server 2003 and especially R2. It’s a solid, stable server infrastructure that just works when you set it up right.

If you were the manager of Virtual PC/Windows Server 2008, what would you change?

Well, this is a great question. My partner and I are writing The Complete Reference on Windows Server 2008 and of course the infrastructure is based on Virtual Machines. As far as I’m concerned, this product will revolutionize virtualization by at bringing it to the masses. If they keep their promises, I have nothing to add or change J.

What are the best features/improvements of Virtual PC/Windows Server 2008?

It will be nice to get rid of the Web interface for VS05 and move to an MMC with WSV. It will also be nice to have 64-bit virtual machines.

What was the last book you read?

Beside proof reading our own books, for fun, I read the #1 Ladies Detective Agency Series from Alexander McCall Smith—I like suspense and I like trying to find answers to special situations.

What music CD do you recommend?

John MellenCamp is a singer from New Orleans. His words and music are really great. I will also recommend an album from Sinead O’Connor “Collaborations”, very, very good!

What makes you a great MVP?

I always search for new ways to do things and let the community know about them. I also try my best to help people in change management. I invite everyone to visit our Web site ( and take a look at our information. It’s all free!

What is in your computer bag?

My portable and accessories, USB keys, different connectors, pens and notepads, lock, and munchies. Used to have a bottle of water, but no more. We (my partner and I) spend a lot of time on planes.

What is the best thing that has happened since you have become an MVP?

You’ve started my winning streak. I was nominated MVP, I won a trip to England; I was selected to respond to this survey. Is it by chance or by destiny? I’m going with the flow.  I also had a chance to meet several good people in the Canada IT MVP community. The contacts are really helpful. Finally, to be nominated as MVP gives more credit and more weight to my work.

What is your motto?

Things happen for a reason! There is always something to learn from every situation.

Who is your hero?

Gandhi! He always managed to do more with less.

What does success mean to you?

Success is when people appreciate any kind of help that you can provide to them.

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