Virtual PowerShell User Group

A while ago I "met" Marco Shaw, by met I mean exchanged emails on a frequent basis.  I noticed over on the Canadian Developer Advisors blog a post by Marco about his blog on PowerShell.  Marco has been hard at work in the PowerShell world and has now formed a Virtual user group for PowerShell users.

“I am proud to announce a new PowerShell user group.  This user group will have its meetings done via Live Meeting with the help of Microsoft.  The intent for the first few meetings is to invite international "PowerShell superstars" to give some brief talks on what they are doing with PowerShell.”

I'll be helping out Marco by hosting the LiveMeeting and encourage you to join.  I've said it before and I will say it again, PowerShell will change the way you manage your network!

To find out more check out Marco's blog post on the first meeting and register!

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