[Funnies] Pet vs. PC

seankCat have sharp paws, computers have soft rubber wires.   You do the math on that one.

Dogs like to chew things.  Computers don't like to be chewed on.

Gerbils would be the most amazing IT Professionals.   They just won't sit still for two seconds.

Chickens can type, but all they ever type is "BUKAW"

Monkeys just throw the computers across the room at other monkeys.

We're not even going to touch on what horses and cows can do to a helpless computer.

Birds just can't seem to hold a thought for more than two seconds other than "Tweet".   And again there are some issues with their ability to keep things clean.

Squirrels are fantastic on computers, but when other squirrels get nearby they tend to just fight all the time.   Not very productive.

All parrots ever do is imitate the sounds on the computers and confuse other people in the company.

Pig paws are too big for the keyboards.   Their snouts tend to get the screens incredibly dirty.

Elephants are however are amazing for blowing all the dust out of computers.

Lions are just big cats, so same problem.  Except with more sparks and glass.

Seagulls get pretty good ideas and would work all day for a box of french fries.   Just can't them to stop arguing with each other.

Guineau Pigs are lazy and just sit about crying when you ask them to do anything.

Rabbits, what can I say about rabbits?  They're Guineau Pigs with more attitude.  And they kick!

Bears are just amazing die hard workers.   They just have a strong tendency of raiding other peoples lunches and taking 4 months off with asking.

All deer ever do is stare at the screen.  "The lights.... the lights...."

Bulls just see the red light of the Mouse Laser and go nuts.   No more mouse.

And of course mice are NEVER allowed near computers.   They tend to try and "get it on" with their cousins on the desk.

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  1. nick says:

    Hahah, I like this one, funny!

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