[Guest Blogger] The Joy of Guest Blogging

Today we stop out and ask the simplest question. Why does ANYBODY guest Blog on Technet.com?

  • Is is the money?

  • The unlimited chicks?

  • What about the fancy perks?

  • Ok, yeah. There is that. That Check for 23.7 billion dollars cleared in the bank pretty nicely... 😉 (No it DIDN'T!)

Actually I'll offer this one up. Simply because.

Sometimes you do something just for the joy of doing it. That's it. It's fun to do something not because you HAVE to but because you WANT to. No other reason pure joy. It's fun to have others encourage you to explore the areas you held back.

Oh SURE, there is the FAME and the RECOGNITION. You're on Technet.com, the world knows about you. People at Microsoft thought you might have something interesting to contribute. And oh there was that large bevy of women I had to turn away who saw me on the street. And the guy at the Ferrari dealership saw me and said "Hey, are you that Guest Blogger guy"?"

Some seemed concerned that Guest Bloggers don't make anything. That those evil people higher up are standing behind us with baseball bats and live 120 volt wires to make us do this. They are. Sometimes.... 🙂 But I just wanted to say thanks to all the members of the Canadian IT Professionals team at Microsoft Canada for giving me the chance to express myself. Hopefully, it makes others get a grin in their rotten, nasty, slimy, 29 hour days of no thanks... And when I get to meet Mr Gates, Mr. Balmer and Mr. Allen someday, I'll remember to get their autographs for you...

In the short term, I guess I SHOULD at least remember to pop by Mississauga sometime and drop off some donuts and Timmies... And if you are inspired to share your experiences, be sure to email the CanITPro crew. They don't bite (hard) and they have cool little pieces of SWAG they are always trying to get rid of.

Sean Kearney
aka Mr. Trouble

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