IT Pro Advisor on Vacation – Getting My Geek On!

Rodney talked about his vacation and fishing in Winnipeg in a previous blog post.  Now, not all IT Pro Advisors go fishing.  In fact some of us actually continue to be geeks even while on vacation!!  That's not to say that geekiness is all that my vacation was about.  I did things like take the kids to the movies, the Toronto Zoo, the CN Tower and stuff like that.  (Strange that I have lived in the GTA 8 years and travelled here regularly on business for over 20, and NEVER went up to the top of the CN Tower before!!)  All of these were lots of fun and really enjoyable, but when the kids are asleep and there is no work to be done (remember, I'm on vacation) what is an IT Pro Advisor to do?  Get the geek on, that's what!!

The best geek experience for me was getting the final RTM build of Windows Home Server up and running on our home network.  If you're like me and have more than one computer in the house, you need to take a look at Windows Home Server.  I have been raving about this product for quite a while now to anyone who will listen.  In a soon-to-be-available appliance from large OEMs, as well as from system builders, you get a customized version of Windows Server 2003 that allows the entire family to share photos, videos and movies, files and so on.  It will also back up each machine connected to the Windows Home Server on a nightly basis so that you don't lose anything.  Furthermore, you can access all the data on the Home Server as well as machines on your LAN from any remote location through your home high-speed internet connection.  You have a dynamic IP assigned by your ISP you say - no problem.  You get to pick a "" DNS location and Windows Home Server automatically takes care of the IP changes and all you need to do is go to your URL - "https://<yourserver>". Windows Home Server is in my Everyone needs one of these category!!

The other geeky thing that I spent a lot of time doing, and had both my sons involved as well, was playing Guitar Hero II on the XBox 360.  There were not many rainy days the week that I was off but we managed to convince "Mom" that we needed some father/sons time together and the XBox 360 and Guitar Hero II are the way to do it (still not sure how I sold that one but it worked!).  If you have not yet tried Guitar Hero II, head over to a Best Buy or any games store that has a demo out on the floor and try it.  It is the most fun I have had playing any game in a while (and no blood, gore, or twisted thumbs playing the sports game).  Playing it in multi-player mode cooperatively is a great way to make music together.  Awesome!!!  Can't wait until Guitar Hero III comes out, as well as Rock Band when the whole family can take part - guitar, bass, drums and vocals!!  Maybe then I'll have a chance of beating my 7-year old .... probably not.

Now I also did some not as exciting geek stuff on vacation.  I upgraded a couple of servers, decommissioned some old gear, re-arranged my server room, and so on.  It had to be done and with lots if IT Pro blood in my veigns, I was the one to do it!!

Back to work......


P.S. I started writing this blog post about 2 weeks ago and then really got in the swing of things at work and never completed it until now.  Maybe I'm just way too geeky after all!!

P.P.S. Did I mention that I REALLY like Windows Home Server!!


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  1. ye110wbeard says:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

    I bow to you my hero… 🙂

    Any word if you can buy the RTM yet?   Itching for it.   Itching Itching Itching….

    Scratchy scratchy…

  2. Terry Walsh says:

    Hi Damir,

    I may be able to help with your geeking out. My blog We Got Served ( is a full-on, no half measures WHS-fest. Check it out some time…

    Best wishes


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