[Funnies] 555 The Number of the Email Beast


The other day, Sean experienced a hiccup with a beta mail client he is testing.  The result?  555 messages in the inboxes of Rick, Damir and myself.  Now to get 555 emails from Sean in a day is not odd in itself, what made this odd was that all 555 messages were identical!  This lead Sean to write another song, and I am taking this opportunity to unveil the semi-official Sean Kearney Friday Funny logo 🙂


Based upon Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast" - you can ALMOST sing to it.  If you like Iron Maiden that is...

Woe to you oh Powers that Be
For the Beta software sends its flaws
For he who is tempted by flashy signs
Let there be some understanding
Be aware of the number of the beast
It is an inhuman number
It's number is Five Hundred Fifty Five

I'd gotten home, my brain was blank
I needed time to clear the stress from within my mind

What's on my screen, SO MANY SENT
Just how did this get out and start running free

The pile I saw that went out that day
Was complications of my poor mail flying out from me

Cos my freakin mail blasted Microsoft
An evil thing that blew them down and knocked their mail apart

The screen was black I could feel something crack
The beast was brought to fire from that evil code
In the night three figures stalk and crawl
Creatures of the night burst from the walls of Hell
555 The number of the pissed,
Junk and Spam and Pain are out tonight

Torches blazed as pissed off Pros came out
to strike down the mire that brought them free
On this night, the three will strike down the blight
That beta app is dead, so they can go to bed
555 The number of the pissed,
Junk and Spam and Pain are out tonight

The Lan's pulled out I've erased the code
I've sent the spawn back to their unholy land
But I have irked the beast I feel it will return
Spamming Microsoft, must avoid my goof
555 The number of the pissed,
555 how many mails were sent

I'll never use, those beta apps
They're cursed and flawed and will cause your eyes to burn
I have the Visa, I have the cash
To buy a real application to and no longer crash

Comments (3)

  1. Sean Kearney says:

    I guess I’ll never live it down… 🙂

    Should have let it run a little longer… Maybe hit a scarier number.

    Then I really would have had a mob from Microsoft after me…

  2. Rodney Buike says:

    There is no mob but we did discuss sending you the data bill for our mobile devices 🙂


  3. ye110wbeard says:

    Hmmm that’s odd… I just checked and I’ve "only" sent out 930 combined since just before EnergizeIT 2007.

    Tch… can’t understand what people are complaining about… 😉

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