[Funnies] Signs a Large Guitar Hero II Marathon Was Held in Your House


The large throng of groupies hanging about the xBox360. Hard to explain to the wife.

The campfires burning in the basement and the remainders of some others.

Floor is littered in water bottles and chip bags as well as wrappers from hot dogs.

"Peace" and "Anarchy" symbols have been spray painted on everything, including the dog.

Large throngs of police cars are circling your house for weeks afterwards.

All of your neighbours are saying "Dude" after every phrase.

You seem to be missing a front lawn, and a back one too. Just trampled dirt. There is also a few extra tents left up with a few people still there.

The car is upside down with more of those darn "Peace" symbols.

So is the cat.

Somehow all of your children have inherited "Hippie" names. Your daughter is now "Moon" your Son has decided he is "the Possum King".

Your wife has locked herself in the bathroom and refuses to come out.

The fridge is empty, the cupboards are bare. Actually they are in fact missing.

All you can see if people's lips moving, mostly from having the stereo cranked to "11".

Your fingers are twitching like they're hitting frets, even with no guitar there.

You end up running about the neighbourhood reeking of BO, unshaven, high fiving everybody (and everything you meet) saying "I Rocked! Rock on! Rock on!"

You notice your electricity bill is $3,500 for the month. All of your other household bills are equally higher. In fact you have an extra bill in the mailbox for that large oversized "Windmill" providing the extra needed power to run the new stereo in the basement.

You have been on xBox so long nonstop, Microsoft has repossessed your Gold Membership. You have been delegated down to "Tin membership".

They have also taken away your xBox360 since you killed all the scores online. Now nobody wants to play the game.

You find "Men in Black" also wandering your house afterwards. They appear to have found "Jimmy Hoffa" buried in your front yard. Somehow in that large crowd, he just slipped through.

And the final sign?

Pieces of your "Axe", TV Set and Stereo are littering the floor after that last big final solo after you did a “Pete Townsend” to the whole wallop!

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  1. ye110wbeard says:

    By the way.   When the police come by your house with questions about the unauthorized marathon.

    Be co-operative.

    No more questions.

    Be co-operative.

    It will go smoother.

    Handcuffs will hurt if you struggle as well.

    Just a tip.

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