It Is That Time Again

I was catching up on my RSS reading and noticed a post by my fellow IT Pro Advisor, Ruth Morton, on the Canadian IT Managers blog.  It seems that the time is nearing, time for another round of DST "fun".  She posted some great links which I'll share here...

Key Dates:

September 30th, 2007 – The New Zealand DST time change
October 28th, 2007 – DST “Fall Back” time change for the US, much of Canada and impacted territories (under pre DST-2007 rules) observing DST
November 4th, 2007 – The new DST “Fall Back” time change for the areas in the US and Canada observing DST.


DST 2007 Microsoft Web site:
External DST and Time Zone FAQ Blog:
Microsoft Lifecycle Information:

You can read the rest of her post here

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  1. ye110wbeard says:

    You know what, I wonder if Microsoft has an office in Arizone.  Maybe I should apply there.

    NO DST… 🙂

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