[Funnies] Job Hunting Tips

Sean is back with a humorous take on job hunting.  While some of it is pure fun, there are a lot of great tips as well!


Dos and Don'ts when trying to apply to a large major corporation whose name we shall not name...

DO - Be Persistent in checking out the job listings

DON'T - Go online and start writing completely new and fake job postings "Just to throw the competition off"

DO - respond politely to email requests and communications

DON'T - get super laid back and candor in emails.   Sending funny videos is never a good idea.

DO - Be professional when you meet people from the company.

DON'T - Jump about like a half crazed gerbil on coffee when you meet them.

DO - Sit down politely at lunch time, order lunch.  Offer to pay when done.

DON'T - order the "Ultra Mega All you can Eat" with a five quarts of beer to wash it down.

DO - Buy a decent and appropriately expensive suit for your interview.

DON'T - Buy that suit at "Goodwill" or "Salvation Army".   It will probably show through.

DO - Arrive early.

DON'T - Arrive at about 3am in the morning before even the security guards wake up.

DO - Shake hands if you get to meet somebody appropriately high up in the corporation.

DON'T - Begin bowing down before them like in "Wayne's World" - 'I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy'

DO - Carry your resume with you in paper as well as digital form.

DON'T - Carry it on "Toilet Paper" and the "Digital" should not be your fingers.

DO - Be professional in any phone interviews.

DON'T - Drink three cans of Rockstar and let your enthusiast out of the bag.  It will probably go badly for you.

DO - Show what knowledge you have or don't.

DON'T - Start making up answers and questioning the interviewer’s abilities to answer 2+2.

DO - Sit down in a nice quiet spot for your phone interviews, preferably a desk with maybe some internet access.

DON'T - Sit down in a hot 4x4 truck in the middle of summer weather with a recently rebuilt laptop running Linux and no internet.

DO - Accept failures when they happen, and learn from your mistakes.

DON'T - Sit down bawling like a two year old for an hour.  It ain't helping' buddy!

DO - try to make a human connection with people working there.

DON'T - make that human connection a massive round up of the staff in to a small room and say "Hire me or I'll turn this large cage of gerbils loose in the office."

DO - keep in communication via email with those you meet.

DON'T - Send so many emails that corporate Head office and security began marking you as "Potential Spam"

DO - Be funny at funny times and serious at serious times.

DON'T - laugh like a madman giggling incessantly and then having a staring contest with the interviewer.

DO - follow up on blogging and communications from the company regarding their interview process.

DON'T - go into the blogging sites and start making up lies again to "Scare off the competition"

DO - Target your job search in the forums or online systems.

DON'T - sit down on a Sunday morning and start going "Click click click" to fill out EVERY potential posting, even if there ARE 1,000's online.  That could appear desperate.

Do - Again, make that human connection through communication.

DON'T - Do that human connection by roasting and making up silly stories about people in the company.   It might go JUST a little too far.

DO - Most importantly be persistent in your quest.   If you qualify, you will get hired.

DON'T - make that persistence in to a large email, spam, junk mail, flyer, airplane buzzing the head office and TV Ad campaign.   The job is cool, but the costs of this might not offset the yearly revenue.

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  1. ye110wbeard says:

    Especially take note of that bit about letting the enthusiast out.   It truly SEEMED like a great idea at the time.  

    Not so good when you’re interviewing for a Lab Engineer.

    Sounds funny, but BOY it wasn’t afterwards.  

    I learned.

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