An IT Pro on Vacation

So after some begging and pleading and promising to paint the fence at my managers house I managed to get a week off and I headed back to Winnipeg to visit friends and family and see the old stomping grounds.  A couple of local IT Pros, Jason Miller and Pasquale Pescatore figured it would be a good idea to take me fishing. 

First thing wrong with fishing is the 5am wakeup call.  The last time I was up at 5am was after Energize IT '06 and it was because I hadn't gone to bed yet.  Strike one for fishing.

Second thing wrong with fishing is bait.  You want me to stick my hand in a bucket of leeches/worms?  Strike two for fishing.  (I did protest enough to get Pasquale to buy minnows)

Third thing wrong with fishing is it is too much damn fun!  We got out on the water at Pointe Du Bois just north of Winnipeg around 8am and next thing you know it is 4pm and we are heading in.  We caught some fish, did some boating, had a LOT of laughs and way too much fun.  We ended up catching almost 20 fish between the three of us and seven, count that seven, different species.  Of course a camera was on hand to document this all!

Pasquale and his Pickeral

Jason caught a nice size Goldeye

And I caught a 40lb Spruce and a 25lb Popular 🙂

log 2

log 1

Pasquale figured I was snagged and wanted to cut my line both times, but after an intense battle I landed both those massive logs!
We also managed to answer that age old question, "How many IT Pros does it take to change a tire?"  For those inquiring minds it takes three!  One IT Pro to read the manual to find out how the spare tire comes out from under the back of a 2004 Trailblazer, one IT Pro to test all jacks available to see which one goes higher and then jack the truck up, and one more IT Pro to remove and replace the tire. 

Oh and a little tip on changing tires, DO NOT leave the special adapter, used to remove/install the locking nut on wheels, on the nut when you drive off.  Chances are yours won't stay stuck on the wheel until you realize 10KM down the highway and pull over.

Oh and in case John is reading this, I am kidding about painting your fence 🙂 

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  1. ye110wbeard says:

    Hee hee hee …. I think I went fishing years ago as a kid.   It was pretty cool…

    Except for Sunfish.  They sucked since they sliced your fingers.

    Ok I’m one up on the “Tire changing bit”… I have actually managed to change the spare tire on EVERY SINGLE TIRE wihtout a manual.

    Even on a Mercedes.

    But I still can’t remember to change the oil, fluids, top up the fluids, keep it clean (New car is already full and I haven’t driven it yet)

    And those funny “klanking” noices I occassionally hear from inside, still haven’t figured those out.

  2. ye110wbeard says:

    So are you going to have the Spruce and Poplar stuffed and mounted?

    Quite a Trophy!

  3. I have to say it the changing of the spare tire experience was “Team Work” at it’s best.  Jason and Rod did all the work I just watched! -:D

    All kidding aside the reason I love fishing is becuase it’s my chance to escape reality in the beautiful lakes of Manitoba.  

    My position as an IT Pro is very stressful and I think others can relate.  We had a great time and shared a lot of laughs with two individuals I have a lot of respect for and have an excellent sense of humor!

    Since Jason and Rod did so well at waking up ~5:15am I think the next time we go out I would like to leave for 5:00am which means Rod and Jason have to be ready for 4:30am…

    Rod, by the way if we used leeches we would have caught a lot more Walleye!-:D (Pickerel)


  4. ye110wbeard says:

    I still like the old hand grenade approach.  Fishing is done quicker and you can still get toasted on the boat in the meantime.

    Explaining the mess to the game warden later is another matter…

  5. Chris says:

    Just so you know. 5:00 am is usual wakeup time for Pasquale, fishing or not. (I thought only old folks did this. Hmmmm….)  But he does go to bed so early he doesn’t know what time the sun sets.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Rodney talked about his vacation and fishing in Winnipeg in a previous blog post . Now, not all IT Pro

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