[Funnies] Advice for a Long Weekend

In this hard pressed world of stress and pressures,  Some of us have forgotten the basics.

How to relax.   In this simplistic guide.  We're going to discover the basics of that long forgotten art; RELAXING.

Seems simple doesn't it?  Just don't "DO" things.  

Right.   Let's just see if you can remember the basics.

DON'T answer the phone.

DON'T check the email.

DO sit down.

DO open your choice of beverage, whether that be beer, wine, cool, or even a simple Iced-Tea.

DO stick your feet in the cold wet pool, or the hot foot massager.

DO lie down and think about NOTHING or SOMETHING fun.

DON'T think about work.

DON'T think about taxes.

DO think about sitting down with the loved one of your choice.

DO consider actually playing.

DO vegetate.  Why Not?  It's soooo EASY!

DON'T fix the car, unless the car fixing is something you do for relaxation.

DO sit in the water and get all wrinkly.

DON'T cook a lot, unless it's for fun.

Remember, gas barbeque's do NOT require lighter fluid.

Also don't forget to throw the odd hot dog to the dog.

Hug your kids.

Hug your accountant (Hey they figured a way to pay for it all!)

Hug your significant other and forget about the two hour fight about "What is the best way to get to the cottage"

DON'T forget to dance in the daisies.

DO USE SUNSCREEN!!! Really important.

DON'T try drinking that beer from last night.  It probably isn't good anymore.


DON'T WORK (even if work FEELS like play sometimes)

DO Power off all Cellphones, Smartphones, Blackberries, laptops, game devices, deathrays, alien beacons.

DON'T power off the cameras, camcorders, etc. 

DON'T FORGET Batteries!

DO bring ice for your choice of beverage.

DO read a book for pleasure, rather than a manual on decoding Macro Assembler (unless you consider that fun, in which case go AHEAD!)

DON'T Juggle the CAT!  That's taking relaxation to extreme.

DON'T Chug ten two-fours at once.   That's a trip to the hospital.

DON'T race about on the motorcycle and try to jump over the kids in the boat.  That's silly.

DON'T try to race your TurboDiesel Volvo against the guy with the Corvette.  That's stupid.

DON'T try to outdo your kids at a "hold your breath underwater game".  That's pushing the limits of human being power.

DO run.

Do jump.

Do have fun.

You see relaxing is actually pretty easy if you just don't try.   That's the trick.

Enjoy the long weekend and let's just remember the basics.   To not TRY... 😉

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